Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall 2010

The kids had Fall Break this past week and this is what we did:

Our happy family! One block from our house is the entrance to Battle Creek Canyon. We went for a little hike on Saturday (10/16) up to the waterfall.

This is the view of Utah Lake and Utah Valley from the waterfall.

This is my sister Colleen at the top of the waterfall.

This is Joshua and Caleb at the base of the waterfall.
About halfway to the waterfall is this little pond. The kids love to throw rocks into the water.

Ellie, Colleen, Caleb, Caitlyn, Joshua and Cim hiking up to the waterfall.
On Friday we went to Pumpkinland at the Vineyard Garden Center. These are the cousins: Alex, Kailah, Logan, Ellie, Joshua, Jackson, Justin, Aubrie and Caitlyn.
Kailah, Alex sliding down, Joshua and Justin deciding which way to go down.

Jackson getting air down the bouncy slide!

Ellie, Logan, Kailah and Joshua.

Ellie inside the big pumpkin!

Peek-a-boo Joshua and Ellie!

Grumpy Caitlyn, Silly Joshua, and Happy Ellie and Caleb! Pretty much sums it up!

Also on Friday we went to Trafalga for a little game of mini-golf! Notice how Caleb has already followed through in his swing, but the ball is still on the ground! :)

The rules say you aren't supposed to swing the club above your knees, but I think we forgot to tell Caitlyn!

Ellie and Joshua. They obviously get their golfing abilities from their Mom!

Caleb and Caitlyn played VIP Special Needs Soccer again this Fall. The following pics are from their games. Sometimes it would be slow, so Ellie and Joshua would join in. I'm not sure why Ellie is making this face, but it makes me laugh!
Caitlyn making a goal!

Joshua being a goofball!!

Seriously, I don't know if we have a picture of Joshua where he is not being silly!

Caleb loves to kick the ball as high as he can!

Caitlyn playing with some of the buddies from Discovery Ranch.

Ellie and Joshua kicking it around.

Awards Day! All the players get a medal and team picture.

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Josh Carver said...

These are great pics! I loved coming down to visit and I am looking forward to when I can get my kids down there to play with their cousins!