Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Special Needs Basketball 2010

Caleb and Justin (our nephew) shooting around. The younger kids in the program just spend the time shooting baskets. The older kids play an actual game in another gym.

Caitlyn shooting. Caleb dribbling.

Caitlyn and Justin shooting on a lower basket.

Cim giving Joshua tips and Caleb helping too.

The whole younger group. Aren't they cute?!

Caleb dribbling.

Ellie showing us the hole in her mouth. Her tooth became infected after it was chipped, so they had to pull it out. She will get a fake tooth in a couple weeks.

Still adorable!

Caitlyn, Ellie and Joshua were doing a passing drill with their Daddy.

Caleb getting ready to shoot!

They have a really fun time!