Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer 2009

We have had a fun-filled summer with baseball, Caitlyn's baptism, Carver reunion, birthdays, and cub scouts.

Caleb had the opportunity to play baseball in the VIP Adaptive league. He had a really great time! This was the hottest day of the season and apparently it was too hot to wear his glove on his hand.

The kids could either hit off a tee or the coach could pitch them the ball. Cim and his dad were the coaches for the Dodgers! Here is Cim pitching to one of the all-stars!

This is Coach Craig (Cim's dad) helping Ashley field the ball.

Coach Cim got to hand out the trophies to each of his players.

Caleb was sooooo excited to receive a trophy! He even slept with it in his bed that night.

Here is Caitlyn modeling her new baptism dress. Just a hint of pink, of course! She wouldn't wear it otherwise! :)

Caitlyn and Cim all ready for the baptism!

Ten of the 15 Carver granchildren ready to rock out the show at the Carver Camp Rock Reunion 2009! Back: Jacob, Logan, Landon and Kaylee. Front: Justin, Caitlyn, Aubrie, Joshua, Caleb and Ellie.

Caitlyn and Aubrie really having a great time!

Caleb showing us his huge muscles and actually smiling while looking at the camera!

Joshua with his football cake for his 4th Birthday!

Joshua blowing out the candles on his football cake!

Joshua clapping because he was able to blow out all the candles!

Aubrie (our niece) getting ready to blow out the candles on her Hannah Montana guitar birthday cake. She turned 8 (4 plus 4). We had to improvise a little. I told Aubrie I was going to make cupcakes, but I ran out of the paper cups and didn't have time to go to the store. As they say, "Necessity is the mother of invention!"

Aubrie blowing out her candles.

Last night we had Caleb's first Pack Meeting for scouts. This is our first experience with scouts and Caleb loves it! They assigned one of the older scouts to be his helper and it is really working out great. They had the "Raingutter Regatta" last night and got to race boats that they made. They also allowed the other kids to make boats and race them which Joshua and Caitlyn loved!

They had to blow the sails through a straw to make the boats go. It was very tricky and took a lot of patience. But, they had a great time!
We have had a great summer and we are getting settled into our new home in Pleasant Grove. We also went to Fish Lake with my family, but forgot the camera. And Caleb and Caitlyn had birthdays this summer too, but somehow we didn't get any pictures taken. We had just moved the week before, so we probably didn't know where the camera was.