Friday, November 16, 2007

Tahiti baby!!!

Well, somehow we pulled it off. We managed to actually leave our kids for over 10 days and enjoyed some R&R...I mean Tahiti. It was an incredible trip and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Here we are on our way to the island of Moorea on the Ferry.

This is Cook's Bay, one of the two main bays on Moorea

Here we are at Opanohu bay, the other main bay on Moorea.
This is point Belvedere, the two main bays are on each side of the mountain in the back

Here is Katie in front of a noni tree...

We rode these little buggies around was awesome..check the videos for more.

It was a little painful...but we managed to climb the coconut tree for this picture...

Here is Katie at the docks of our hotel as we headed out to the "motu" a small uninhabited island for lunch.
A Tahitian sunset...beautiful.
Here we are at an orphanage that our company helps sponsor...check out their backyard.
One of many waterfalls on the island of Tahiti.
This is a Tiki burger..imagine a Big Mac on freaking steroids. Two 1/3 patties, two mostly raw eggs, four strips of fairly raw bacon, two pieces of cheese, tomatoes...basically 700,000 calories in one bite....I had to try, I didn't finish it.
Here we are at the temple in was beautiful.

The videos...

Here we are on the ferry on our way to Moorea

Here is our hotel "room" on Moorea...nice!

Cruzing on the road in our buggie...

Off roading in the was a little bumpy...

Hanging with the rays on the motu in Moorea

Tahitian sunset...

These are called "Jack" fish. A local restaurant on Tahiti keeps a bunch of them in a pen outside their restaurant and uses them as...well, a garbage disposal. They are super agressive carniverous fish....imagine a freaking HUGE parana. They feed them all of their organic scraps.

Cool Tahitian fire dance...

Here is Katie on our cruise with the was really cool.

Halloween 2007

Ok, believe it or not...I have actually found time to post! Sorry for the absence, things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Good news, the new office is up and running, we have moved, and we were able to get to Tahiti and back (see the previous post) hopefully things will calm down!

Anyway, here are some pictures and sweet videos from Halloween.

Ellie the elephant at Caleb's Halloween parade.

Moe (Joshua) & Deedee (Caitlyn) ready to trick or treat.

Yes...I am a freaking good looking man

Ellie sporting my hot mullet

Here are some videos....the first one is my favorite

Hope you enjoyed them!