Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010

For our Spring Break this year we went to California. We went to Aunt Mari's house in Newport Beach and walked the one block to the warm and sunny beach! It was a beautiful day! Cim's Mom and Dad were there too.

Caleb, Caitlyn, Mom Carver, and Cim trying to help the very uncooperative Ellie into the cold water.

Caleb throwing rocks into the water.

Happy Caitlyn loves the water and the beach!

In true Dad fashion, Cim tried to take the kids out into the deep, cold water and they all cried and fought to not go in. Joshua was digging in the sand.

Ellie was not happy about Daddy taking her into the water.

We went to a really cool place in L.A. called The Skirball Center. It's a Jewish Heritage Museum and they have this huge Noah's Ark exhibit where the kids can play. The animals are made of everyday items like the zebra's mane is made from a keyboard. There are a lot of interactive things for the kids to do.

After so many days on the ark, I'm sure there was a lot of poop to scoop! There was even fake poop for the kids to clean up!

Lots of animals. Joshua is up there behind the penguins.

This was a ramp where the kids could place animals to enter the ark.

We also went to the Natural History Museum of L.A. These are the cousins...Caleb, Joshua, Becca, Megan, Caitlyn and Emma.

The kids in their natural element...with the wild animals!!
Caleb, Ellie, Caitlyn and Joshua.

Joshua and Ellie making silly faces.

Joshua showing us the map with a little attitude.

We also went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We spent most of the day in Bugs Bunny World riding the kiddie rides.

Ellie and Joshua were fearless and loved every ride but, especially this bounce and pounce ride.

It went up pretty high, but they loved it!

Oh Joshua....

I love this picture of Cim and Caleb!

Ellie, Joshua and Caitlyn in the tea cups.

They had to go on it again!