Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Funny Joshua

Joshua is now 3 1/2 years old and he has plenty to say about life which tends to keep us on our toes and more importantly, keeps us laughing. So here are a couple stories to illustrate why.

It was a cold and very windy Thursday night after we left Caitlyn's gymnastics class two weeks ago. Joshua was wearing a long sleeve shirt, but no coat as he and Cim stopped by Little Caesars to pick up some pizza. After they got back in the car, Joshua announced. "Dad, I'm fat." taken by total surprise, Cim says, "No, you're not Joshua. You are a big boy for your age. You are strong, but you are not fat. So, a few seconds pass and Joshua says it again, "Dad, I'm fat." And Cim responded with the same reassuring comments about him being strong and healthy, but not fat. A few more seconds go by and Joshua says it again. By this time Cim is getting really worried that Joshua is seriously concerned about this. So Cim tells him again that he is not fat, that he is a big boy and that he is healthy and strong. Well, suddenly Joshua starts crying. Now really concerned, Cim asks what is wrong and Joshua replies, "I want to be fat... so I can be warm like Daddy!"

Then, last Saturday night we were watching Star Wars II with the kids. I'm not very familiar with the movie, but at some point, Queen Amadala (sp?) walks out on the balcony to meet Anakin (sp?) Skywalker. Her hair is down and flowing with soft curls and she is wearing a white evening gown. Well, the room is totally quiet, except for the movie and all of the sudden Joshua says, "Whoa....She is pretty!" I looked at Cim who was hiding behind a pillow so Joshua wouldn't see him laughing hysterically. I was also laughing as quietly as possible. Joshua didn't even notice. He was totally serious and just kept on watching the movie.

These were probably those types of moments where "you had to be there" and I'm not as good a storyteller or writer as Cim, but I just had to share. If you want the really funny version, you can call Cim and he will be sure to embellish it for you. :)