Friday, May 30, 2008

My boy Caleb

I have been meaning to write this posting for a couple weeks. I just haven't had time until now. And our camera isn't working so I haven't had any new pictures. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I had a meeting with Caleb's teachers and the school district people. Caleb is almost 9 years old and is in the third grade. We discussed how Caleb is doing in school and we reviewed his IEP which contains his goals and services for the year. He was put in a self-contained special ed classroom this year in a regular school instead of a special ed school like he was in before. It has been a really great year! When he started the year he couldn't write any letters or numbers. Now he can write his first and last name and most of the numbers and letters. He is even reading over 60 words now! As most of you know, he is a great athlete. He gets to play with the 5th graders at recess and lately they have been teaching him to play kickball. I am so grateful to those kind 5th graders who allow Caleb to play with them. It just so happens that Caleb's teacher is also the bowling coach for one of the local high schools and she was voted bowling coach of the year and she is in the bowling hall of fame. Well, about once a month Caleb's class gets to go on a field trip and they have gone bowling a few times so she has seen his skills. She told us that Caleb is an excellent bowler and that we need to get him in a league! We are pretty excited about this. It's an individual sport where Caleb won't have to worry about all the social rules and strategy that is involved in other sports. Anyway, they said he is a great kid and has a beautiful smile and I happen to agree! Even though I still have to change his diapers, I do really love my boy Caleb!