Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our new home!

Here are some pictures of our new home in Pleasant Grove:

You can see the snow on Mt. Timpanogos behind the house. If and when I feel like the inside is clean enough to be picture worthy, then I will post some pics of the inside. HAHA! We feel very blessed and are very grateful for our family and our home!

Fall 2009

Joshua found the plastic cups in the pantry and this is what he built. He was obviously very excited about his creation!

This is Mount Timpanogos and the canyon above our house in Pleasant Grove when the leaves started to change. Beautiful isn't it?!

VIP Special Needs Soccer. Caitlyn and Caleb both played and had a great time! Caitlyn is actually a very good soccer player. Caleb would rather be playing basketball and sometimes we would catch him throwing the ball in the air to some imaginary basketball hoop in the sky. But, he had fun too.

Caleb's favorite part of any activity is the cheering! Thumbs up!

Sometimes the kids would get tired of sharing the same ball, so the coach would give them each their own and let them have at it.

It's pretty easy to make a goal, when there's no goalie!

Ellie watching the game and cheering for Caleb and Caitlyn. Cute, I know!

Joshua and Ellie at the game. Joshua looks a little bit like a chipmunk because his cheeks and mouth are full of goldfish crackers. Pretty happy kids!

After the last game, the kids each received a medal and team picture. The kids had a great time and now they have to wait until January for Basketball to start.